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Wishes from civil society: WAMI

Over 45 years, the Democratic Action Party has been one of the most important institutions in Malaysia. From 1969 it has garnered the lion’s share of the opposition’s seats in Parliament. The DAP has always spoken out bravely on issues relating to politics and the people, and was the only bastion of defence to vote against the 1971 constitutional amendment restricting freedom of speech.

Based on the concept of “change”, DAP sought to join other opposition parties in creating a two-party system. Its years of toil finally paid off during the March 2008 political tsunami. Now it not only is the main governing party in Penang and the second largest governing party in Selangor, it is also the largest major opposition party in Malaysia.

WAMI  hopes that in the march to Putrajaya, DAP will continue its fight for democracy and strengthen the power of the people. As it works together with its partners in Pakatan Rakyat to change UMNO’s democratically elected one party rule; let decentralisation, holding local council elections in Penang and enacting the Freedom of Information Act be a proud testament to the DAP’s 45 years of struggle for democracy.

Wong Chin Huat

President, Writers Alliance for Media Independence