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Wishes from civil society: PSM

PSM extends a hearty congratulations to its comrades in the DAP on the occasion of its 45th  anniversary.

During my detention under the ISA (Operasi Lalang) in 1987, I met some DAP leaders and became closely acquainted with the party’s struggle. We have always shared a warm relationship and long-standing cooperation in the struggle to defend the rights of the people.

In PSM’s 11-year long struggle to get our party registered with the Registrar of Societies, DAP comrades, political friends and individuals were a steady source of support and encouragement. We took the Federal Government to court for its mala fide refusal to approve our party registration application. In the end, we succeeded. Thank you.

PSM would also like to congratulate the leadership of Sdr Guan Eng together with the other PR members of Penang for their pro-active attitude in various actions which have upheld the welfare and rights of the people.

We must continue in this direction, as we are faced with numerous challenges. Workers continue to be marginalized. The rich are getting richer while the poor remain in abject poverty. What we need is a dialectical relationship which can transform our mindsets and our actions.

Let us hope that our struggle will create a new era in developing our beloved nation.

Dr. Mohd Nasir Hashim

Chairman of Parti sosialis Malaysia (PSM)