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Andrew Chen helps Malaysian mothers in Singapore send breast milk to their babies here

OUR CANDIDATE| Restless, anxious, worried.

That was the initial reaction of Malaysian mothers earning a living in Singapore when the government first announced the Movement Control Order (MCO).

Following the announcement of the MCO, they could no longer cross the border to send breast milk back to their babies in Malaysia.

There were mothers who missed their babies so much that they cried almost everyday.

Others were worried about their babies’ health, knowing that they needed their mothers’ milk to boost their immune system.

No one can refute the fact that breast milk contains the best nutrients for a baby’s health, and this is exactly why a mother’s milk is so precious.

Just imagine how both mother and baby would have felt when they were forced to be so far apart. Not just for a day or two, but for months on end.

Fortunately, ADUN for Pakatan Harapan, Andrew Chen Kah Eng, heard their heartfelt cries and went the distance for these families.

In an amazing feat, Andrew successfully mobilised a few rounds of collection and delivery of more than 63,620 kg of breast milk involving 564 mothers who work in Singapore.

This exceptional initiative helped many mothers and their dear little ones. Even sweeter, it created a national record in Malaysia’s Book of Records!

Malaysian mothers who earned a living in Singapore came together in their joint mission to send breast milk back to their babies in Malaysia

Thanks to Andrew, these mothers no longer had to worry or fret over their babies who were so far away from them. Congrats Andrew!

Such people-oriented initiatives reflect the deep commitment of PH reps to help those who were affected by the MCO.

PH’s focus in helping Bangsa Johor during the MCO didn’t just stop there. Apart from distributing food baskets, PH also reunited family members who were separated as a result of the MCO.

This coming Johor state election on 12th March, Andrew will be defending his Stulang state seat once again. Based on his track record, he is clearly an elected rep who prioritises serving the people and helping them in their time of need.

Andrew sent more than 63,620 kg of breast milk from 564 mothers in Singapore back to babies in Malaysia

Andrew has been very single-minded in his focus to put the people first. To put things in perspective, this extraordinary initiative was carried out while parties in the ruling coalition were busy fighting amongst themselves for power.

Where was the government when the people desperately needed them? Where were the ministries involved when these mothers cried for help?

Clearly, the government did nothing when the people were suffering and needed them most. On the other hand, PH reps stepped up and led by example to ensure that the people’s needs were fulfilled.

While parties in the ruling coalition were busy fighting for power amongst themselves, this PH ADUN was busy finding solutions to address the people’s needs.

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