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Royal Forest Reserve Opened For Crony’s Benefit

Perak DAP state chairman and Sitiawan state assemblyman (ADUN) Ngeh Koo Ham has queried the Perak BN state government on its alleged rampant approval of state land since the illegal coup in February 2009. “Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abd Kadir must come clean with regard to the clearing of 74 hectare of land at Sungai Mendelum area in the Royal Belum and the Temengor Forest Reserve and the 68,503 acres of land which he has approved since 2009,” he asked.

He said that Perak Forest Department Director, Datuk Nik Mohd Shah Nik Mustafa has confirmed that the BN Perak State Government has approved the logging of the above said 74 ha of land. “Zambry has approved or alienated so much land away in the last 2 ½ years that he has no knowledge of the locations of the lands he has approved.”
“Internal sources have informed me that Dato’ Seri Zambry has approved a total of 68,503 acres of land since February 2009 till July this year! 60,561.75 acres of which are industrial or agricultural land which was approved at the rate RM375 per acre! Obviously the cronies who received such lands will reap huge profits,” he continued.
“They are expected to reap profit of at least 40 times the premium paid. The cronies will profit a staggering RM900,000,000 which is more that the Perak State Government annual budget of about RM800 million ! Despite repeated requests at the State Assembly sittings, he has refused to disclose the recipients of these lands.” -The Rocket