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Shortest DUN Session To Hide Corrupt Governance?

Perak DAP state deputy chairman and Tronoh state assemblyman (ADUN) V.Sivakumar has taken Perak state speaker Dato Ganesan and the Perak Barisan Nasional state government to task for making a mockery of the recent state assembly session sitting in August. “It is strange that the DUN was in session for two hours only. This is the shortest DUN sitting in history,” he said.

 According to V.Sivakumar, Dato Ganesan said in his speech that the DUN sitting this time is only to fulfil the six month recess between DUN sessions requirement. “It is absurd for us to hold a sitting just to fulfil the statutory requirement. The sitting is held to discuss about the people’s problems in detail.”
“There are many unresolved problems which need the immediate attention of the government. What is the point of holding elections when a DUN sitting is only held for half a day to discuss about the people’s problems?” he asked.
In addition, he also queried why so many questions from the PR ADUNs were rejected by the speaker. “Many oral and written questions from the people’s elected representatives were rejected by Dato Ganesan with invalid and incomprehensible reasons,” he added.
“As an example, in my fifth written question I asked: The Menteri Besar advisor Dato Veerasingam has stated in the media that he has been given RM 1 million to disburse to the Indian community by the state government. Is this accurate? If yes, please list out all the projects or disbursements that he has made to account for the RM 1 million received? Is there an equal or bigger amount that has been given to exco Dato Chang Ko Youn?”
“Why were the questions rejected? This has raised more questions regarding the RM 1 million funds. The people have the right to know if the funds have been appropriately spent for their benefit. However, it seems that the BN government has something to hide,” he continued.  – The Rocket