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Recognising Their Contribution

In conjunction with the Governor of Penang’s 74th birthday, on 14 July 2012, six MPPP workers in the 3D category (those involved in dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs) were given medals for their hard work. This is the third year in a row that the Penang state government has recovnised these under-rated and under-appreciated municipal council cleaning workers.

Many of these council workers have been working conscientiously for years. The 6 MPPP workers got due recognition at a special ceremony hosted by the Governor.

One comment on “Recognising Their Contribution

  1. I wish our old aunties and uncles born and bred in Penang would stop throwing rubbish for these old MPPP workers to pick up. It’s those older generations who throw rubbish, and the young kids who are badly brought up by their parents.

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