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The story behind the Rocket symbol: Dr Chen Man Hin

In August/September of 1965, a small group of supporters led by Devan Nair, met and discussed the future. Members of the group were Devan Nair, Dr S Seevaratnam, lawyer Xavier, Goh Hock Guan, Chan Kok Kit, Walter Loh, Peter Dass, and myself. Despite the grim situation, all of us unanimously agreed to form a new party. It was decided that the struggle for a more just and equal society must go on, however daunting the task.

I was elected the chairman and Devan Nair was secretary general. The new party applied for registration. Approval of the registration was successful in 1966. The committee chose the name of Democratic Action Party for the new party.

Next, the committee discussed the symbol for the party. After getting the views of party members and supporters, it was agreed that the symbol should be a rocket. At that time, journey to space was the main news all over the world.

Thus, the rocket symbolises a new future for the country which is progressive. A blue circle was chosen to represent unity of all the races. The rocket also had jet engines indicating that the major ethnic groups would work together for the advancement of Malaysia.