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Selangor To Issue Own F-Class Licenses

 The Selangor state government will be introducing its own contractor classifications and issue its own F-class license for both the bumiputera and non-bumiputera categories.
According to health, estate worker, poverty and caring government exco, Dr Xavier Jeyakumar, this is to give more comprehensive and equal opportunities to all the contractors. “Selangor will have F-class licenses for all contractors. I have suggested this in the exco meeting,” he added.
According to him, even though the state will be facing a lot of resistance in implementing this process, this is to ensure that “the contracts will be for all.”
With this step, he added, “more companies can bid for the state government projects. Several big projects such as the Klang river rehabilitation program, housing schemes and mixed urban development project in Tanjung Dua Belas, Bukit Beruntung and Ijok have been opened for bidding.” -The Rocket