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Malaysian Agenda for Women

Wanita Pakatan Rakyat has established the Pakatan Rakyat Women Council of Leadership in order to strengthen existing collaboration, and jointly determine the direction and policy of Pakatan Rakyat.

With that, the Pakatan Women Council has agreed to collaboratively develop policies to uplift the dignity and position of women. This is a policy that forms the core of Pakatan Rakyat administrations’ advocacy for women’s issues at the national level.

The Malaysian Agenda for Women covers legal aspects, better quality of life, economic, educational and social well-being, as well as an agenda for young women. The ultimate goal is to mobilize the community in an effort to nurture women who are able, politically-savvy and economically intelligent.

The marginalization and oppression of women occurs because of the shallowness of knowledge and philosophy relating to women and their rights. Therefore, respecting women is the basis for developing the community.

Wanita Pakatan Rakyat believes this is the first step to change the status quo, and to raise the stature of women as mothers, wives, citizens and key members of the community.

We are fully aware that a stronger women’s agenda will strengthen civil society and contribute to the process of building a Malaysian Nation whose people are self-reliant, independent and form a prosperous and developed country.

Therefore, the main characteristics of the Malaysian Agenda for Women features three main elements:

(1) Empowerment

(2) Recognition

(3) Implementation

It is the mission of Wanita Pakatan Rakyat to produce women who are able, literate and intelligently equipped to handle all aspects of their lives.

Hence, our national education system should be comprehensive, including a policy emphasizing respect for women since childhood in confronting patriarchal elements inherent in our culture.

We believe that a well-educated generation that comprehends the philosophy of respecting women in national education will reduce the violence, oppression and marginalization of women’s rights.

We need to empower men in society as we empower women, because they need each other.

We consider NGOs as partners who will embrace the role of incorporating respect for women. The role of men is also crucial as implementing agents of the Malaysian Agenda for Women.

Rome was not built in a day. Change takes time, especially when it involves changes in culture and outlook. But the government has an important role in laying the foundation for a new and hopeful era for women in Malaysian society.

We see the need to reform policies. Policies are the basis and foundation in order for us to move towards developing a progressive culture. The Malaysian Agenda for Women emphasizes on policies that build communities and supports individual women who are an active part of these communities.

Only when the community is supportive of the women that build it, can we have a caring and progressive society.

Integrated Support Centre for Women

Wanita Pakatan Rakyat aspires to see the establishment of a national level Integrated Support Centre for Women , in order to enhance legal protection for women. This includes the establishment of new crisis centres and the empowerment of existing crisis centers, adding more counseling centers and increased empowerment of NGOs supporting this effort.

Women’s Action Centre

It is important to establish a Women’s Action Centre to train women and share knowledge. Together, we help empower women who are skilled, knowledgeable and competitive in the community.

RM50 monthly payment from National Women’s Provident Fund
Wanita Pakatan Rakyat also intends to introduce the National Women’s Provident Fund specifically in recognition of the role of women in society. We believe that should assistance be given, it should not be occasional in practice but the assistance should be constructive and continuous in nature.

Under the Pakatan Rakyat government, the National Women’s Provident Fund will give RM50 monthly to all women. This payment is to be considered as part of a ‘retirement fund’, medical scheme and rainy day saving for disasters, accidents or death. We will also encourage husbands to contribute between RM10 to RM100 to their wives monthly.
The Malaysian Agenda for Women hopes to produce women who are happy, safe and prosperous. There is significant emphasis on the philosophy of respect for women and social entrepreneurial culture (social entrepreneurship).

Women with a strong social safety net will have a more secure future, regardless of their background.

This reflects Wanita Pakatan Rakyat’s beliefs that women are a catalyst in achieving the holistic well-being of society. Indeed, the Malaysian Agenda for Women reflects our aspirations and the action plan that Wanita Pakatan Rakyat intends to implement. –the Rocket

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