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Another victim of electoral fraud


KARAK – A resident in the state assembly seat of Sabai, Pahang has become yet another victim of electorate manipulation, one of the many forms of electoral fraud done by moving electorates to constituencies not of their own.

The resident, only known as Chong, has complained that two of his sons have registered as voters with the Election Commission (EC) in Sabai, but then are subjected by the EC to cast their votes at the neighbouring electoral constituency of Ketari, some 15km away from Sabai.

Chong, a resident of Taman Muhibbah neighborhood here, has lodged his complaint at Taman Permai Karak DAP branch’s community service centre.

The branch chairperson, Kamache Doray Rajoo has brought up this matter, calling for the EC to update their list of voters ahead of the 13th General Election.

“DAP has a bright chance to win the seat of Sabai this general election, should the elections are done in a fair manner,” said Kamache.

Kamache, a former DAP candidate for Sabai state assembly seat in the 2008 elections, was defeated by a slim majority of 145 votes against Barisan Nasional candidate, M Davendran.

Kamache is hopeful that the DAP and Pakatan Rakyat could grab the seat back in the upcoming elections.

“I am afraid that is why they [the EC] are doing this – to split the votes,” she added.

Chong, in his complaint, told that there are seven voters altogether in his family. Out of that, two of his sons are set to vote for the first time, registering with the Election Commision in early 2012.

Chong then demanded for the EC to relocate both of his sons’ designated electoral constituency from Ketari to Sabai. – The Rocket

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