Will BN stop the Sabah invasion?

Fellow Malaysians,
Our country has been invaded by more than 200 HEAVILY ARMED MILITANTS.
Our country’s sovereignty is under threat for more than 1 week now.
But look at how is it being handled by our BN government.
PM is busy with BRIM, KRIM, DRIM and all kinds of RIM. He is more concerned about holding on to power. He has become under-cover Santa Claus, throwing freebies in return for votes. He and his colleagues are still busy cooking Ponggal Rice and throwing crumbs at the Indians, who they themselves have finished their Ponggal Festival and got on to other work!
Police is handling the issue. Is this a police case?
Where is our army? Millions have been spent on them to protect our country.
Where are our fighter jets? Engines missing?
What was our navy doing? Swimming in the pool?
How did so many ARMED ALIENS intruded our country without being detected?
What happened to our intelligence? CNY leave?
What was our Marine Police doing? Busy eating Nasi Lemak?
Where are our world popular submarines? Engine cannot start?
And finally, where is our Defense Minister? Busy counting money?
# A senator from Australia was found to be a ‘Security Threat’ to the nation by our government.
# A 15 year old innocent boy was shot dead by the police.
# Kugan was brutally murdered in the lock-up.
# Sugumaran was handcuffed and allegedly killed.
# Teoh Beng Hock, and many and many and many and many…
According to statistics, every year more than 350 detainees die in policy custody. That is, an average of 1 death every 2 days. Our police are experts at all these. They are good at assaulting unarmed Bersih Activists and HINDRAF children with roses for the PM.
But more than 200 ARMED MILITANTS are being negotiated with. They are being treated like diplomatic guests. They have officially declared that MORE MILITANTS are on their way to Sabah. State police chief says they are not militants or terrorists. Than who are they? Relatives? Is this country safe for us under the present government?
Still no urgency?
PM said they will be SAFELY SENT BACK to Philippines. Just because they are Muslims? Can any one of us – Rakyat Malaysia – carry a gun and walk around? Our PM will send us to the gallows citing laws, or will he SAFELY SEND US BACK HOME?
If it was Mahathir, he would have resolved the entire issue by giving them LEGAL ICs and would have asked them to stay back and vote for BN. He would rather cancel Dato Ambiga’s citizenship.
Fellow Malaysians, do we still want this kind of a government? Isn’t it time for us to think?
YOU CAN MAKE CHANGE HAPPEN!!! We owe it to ourselves and to our children!!!
Anak Sabah

One comment on “Will BN stop the Sabah invasion?

  1. I am really not shocked that nothing will be done after Mahathir Mohamed confessed that this cabinet approved hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to become citizens to vote in the elections. The Malaysian government stands as an illegal government-through fraud. This has become so common-fraud, corruption and cheating that Malaysian sadly have accepted this practice as Malaysian life!!

    I blame the rich Chinese, Malay, indigenous community and Indian citizens in Malaysia-if they stop supporting UMNO-BN, they will fail in their attempts to rule Malaysia. But because the rich and elite are actually being rewarded financially, they continue to support corruption. But we as a mass can change that equation come the 2013 elections-stand up and vote-lets get rid of rubbish! The conspirators with the bad won’t be forgotten with a new AG prosecuting.

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