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Pakatan has survived the test of time

In his speech during the Pakatan convention, PAS Presiden Datuk Seri Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang said that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has proven that it has clear and close unity and understanding amongst each other despite the occasional misunderstandings and hiccups.

“We are united. Despite the occasional arguments and debates, but like stirring the sugar and coffee in a cup, it will not break the cup,” he said to an overwhelming applause from the audience.

However, he reminded that PR needs to be on its guard to preserve the unity that has been built up as its enemies are prowling on the side. “When PAS, DAP and PKR fight, it’s BN who benefits.”

He also outlined five things that the people hope for which PR must implement. The five things were unity in a multiracial society, fairness to all, real democratic rights for the citizens, the greatness of the Constitution and just laws and finally a clean government.

“These are what the people are hoping for. We need to know and realise that these are the five things that are the people’s hope.” He also said that all the communities in Malaysia have accepted the multiracial society reality when they voted PR in the 2008 GE.

“When Malays who are strong PAS supporters can vote a non-Muslim DAP and PKR candidate and a staunch DAP supporter can vote a Malay Muslim PAS and PKR candidate, they have already chosen to break the racial barriers,” he said to a rapturous applause.

Based on this scenario, PR has successfully broken the racial fanatiscism that has been bred by BN for thus long. “BN is no longer relevant.”

“We accept that multiracism, multiculturalism and different experience as a good mixture that can be united. We can build PR’s strength by uniting the various races on the concept stated in the constitution that BN has failed to achieve,” he added.

He also said PR will not be arrogant if it becomes government. “If we win, the PR government will not be arrogant and act like god. We are prepared to be punished by the voters in a fair and democratic election.”

PR’s leaders are the best in history
According to Opposition Leader and PKR’s national leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, there has never been a political coalition with such stellar leadership like Pakatan Rakyat in the history of Malaysia and in the region.

“From the moral and integrity standpoint, we have the best example in the person of PAS’s spiritual leader Tuan Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat and Lim Guan Eng who has been steadfastly implementing the principles of competency, accountability and transparency in Penang. There is also Khalid Ibrahim, an exemplar figure in administration, having helped Selangor achieved a record RM 2.5 billion in cash reserves.”

“Has there ever been a Menteri Besar in this country that has withstood such strong attacks and yet delivered the best to the people?”

“The Malaysian economic condition is being affected badly by the escalating deficits. Selangor under Khalid has achieved more than RM 2.6 billion reserves.”

“Can anyone in UMNO compare with us? They can’t match our efficiency, cleanliness and transparency. None. That’s our strength. If in 2008 we promised, in the 2013 GE we will deliver.

“We have a manifesto which Najib says will bankrupt the country. When we asked for a debate with him, Rais Yatim (Information Minister) says it’s not our culture,” he said to laughters in the audience.

He also said that PR needs to win big in order to avoid crisis. “A big win for PR will ensure a smooth transition of power. “

“Pakatan Rakyat’s (PR) promise today that us winning federal power is not to take revenge but to fulfil the people’s wish for a fair and effective government. We want to take power not to take revenge or put our enemies in prison.
We want to fulfil the programmes of the people’s agenda and not to take revenge,” he said.
“But what we do need to do is to take back monies that have been stolen,”

Let’s build a new Malaysia together
DAP national secretary general Lim Guan Eng believes that the coming GE will be a new beginning for Malaysia. “It would be a golden opportunity to start a new culture and model of politics in our nation, a new model from PR that embodies the politics of debate and policies, and not a politics of racism and slandering.”

Speaking to a packed crowd in the fifth Pakatan Rakyat Convention in Shah Alam, he said the people wants their leaders based on their ability to articulate and implement their policy and not on their abilities to attack and slander the opposing political leaders.

He reminded the people of BN’s ineptitude in running the country. “The federal government debt has reached RM 502 billion; if we include the contigent liabilities it’s already more than RM 600 billion or equal to RM 22,000 per person in Malaysia. The debt is suffocating our country.”

According to Lim, reports by the international financial observer based in Washington, Global Financial Integrity, shows that capital flight from Malaysia in 2010 was RM 197 billion and RM 871 billion from 2001 to 2010.

“Based on those figures, Malaysia is at a humiliating 2nd place behind China for total amount of illicit capital outflow in 2010. However if we are to use the per capita basis, Malaysia is the undisputed champion. In other words, in 2010 every Malaysian has lost RM 7000 in 2010 or RM 31000 from 2001 to 2010.”

“If we are to stop this illicit cash outflow, we need to end BN’s rule.”

“I think its time for PR to show the light to all corners of Malaysia. The time has come to lift the veil of darkness that has descended on Malaysia since 56 years ago,” he said.

“I want to emphasise that the new PR government will ensure that every Malaysian will be free from oppression, corruption, poverty, ignorance and most important of all, fear. We not only want to live with dignity, we also want our future generation to live better than us.”

“I believe PR can deliver for Malaysians. If anything happens to the country we will stand with the people and face the challenge. We promise that Malaysia is a country that belongs to all Malaysians, regardless of race, religion or creed. Let us come together and build a Malaysia that can fulfil the dreams of our children together.” –The Rocket

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