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We have nothing to fear and will allow due process to take its course

Press Statement by DAP National Chairman and Member of Parliament for Cheras, Tan Kok Wai on 8 August 2020:

The DAP, right from its top leadership to its grassroots, are firmly behind our Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng and extending our steadfast support to him during this trying time.

Rejecting and fighting corruption has been one of the core values which Lim has championed throughout his political career. We believe that Lim has been true to this principle and he has walked the talk, as his track record can demonstrate. When he was Chief Minister of Penang, he had advocated the CAT principle as a cornerstone of a clean and efficient state administration.

All of us know that Lim is a important leader of DAP and Pakatan Harapan and plays an instrumental role in the democratic reforms in Malaysia. He is one of the key leaders who had been unfairly persecuted and slandered time and again in his 35 years of involvement in politics.

From the day he assumed the position of DAP secretary-general, political opponents have resorted to fake news, false accusations in their attempt to smear Lim amd destroy his political career. They believe that by toppling Lim, they are able to cripple DAP. Since March 2008, Lim and his family members have never been spared from all forms of insinuations, baseless attacks and accusations.

I urge all DAP and Pakatan Harapan members and supporters to stick together to weather this adversity and stay committed to our political struggle. We must continue to work towards regaining the mandate of the people to govern and carry on with the Pakatan Harapan’s reform agenda.

DAP and Pakatan Harapan supporters need to remain calm and united. The charges against Lim will be an acid test of the independence of the judiciary and the legal system in our country and to what extent our reforms have succeeded.

We will allow the due process of the law take its course. We have nothing to fear as we believe that Lim is innocent and that he will successfully defend himself from the charges against him.

Time will be the best judge of this. Lim is a clean leader and elected representative. Together with the leadership of Pakatan Harapan, I am confident that justice will prevail.

Tan Kok Wai,
DAP National Chairman,
Member of Parliament for Cheras.

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