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DAP respects the judiciary

Press Statement
7th August 2020

The statement by science, technology and innovation minister, Khairy Jamaluddin that DAP practices double standards on its views of the judiciary is mischievous and misleading.

In a blog posting today, Khairy said,

“Tindakan DAP dan PH ini menunjukkan sekali lagi bagaimana sikap double standard mereka terhadap perjalanan undang-undang negara. Apabila kena batang tubuh mereka, habis dihina sistem kehakiman negara. Sedangkan hanya pada minggu lalu, mereka sanjung mahkamah apabila keputusan kes melibatkan pemimpin UMNO sesuai dengan kehendak mereka.”

The statement above was translated by Malaysiakini as follows,

“Their action once again demonstrates their double stand concerning the country’s legal process. When it affects them, the judiciary is belittled to the maximum. Only last week, they had praised the court when a decision involving an Umno leader was in accordance with what they had desired.”

Equally misleading is the statement of UMNO Information chief Shahril Hamdan who was quoted by Sinar Harian as saying,

“Nak solidariti, silakan. Tiada siapa halang. Tetapi sepertimana BN menghormati institusi kehakiman, begitulah juga sewajarnya DAP dan Pakatan Harapan. Jika benar anda tidak bersalah, tegakkannya di mahkamah.”

[“If you want solidarity, go ahead. No one will stop this. However, DAP and Pakatan Harapan ought to respect the judicial institution, the way BN does. If it is true that you are not guilty, prove it in court.”]

The statements above insinuate that DAP has no respect for the judiciary and has belittled it in the case of Lim Guan Eng who was charged in court today.

It must be stressed that DAP never criticized the judiciary insofar as Lim’s said case is concerned. In fact, the record will show that Lim had expressed his confidence in the judiciary in clearing his name when he said that he intends to prove his innocence in court and believes that the truth will prevail.

Khairy and Shahril should refrain from making such statements which can lead people to wrongly believe that the DAP has levelled unwarranted criticism on the judiciary in respect of Lim’s case which is simply untrue.

Ramkarpal Singh
DAP National Legal Bureau Chairman
MP for Bukit Gelugor

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