Shame on you, Mong Dagang!

DAP today announced the launch of a 7-day online fundraising drive in support of disabled farmer Frusis Lebi whose welfare aid was revoked following a directive from a Sarawak Assistant Minister simply because the former supports the Opposition.

Member of Parliament for Serdang, Teo Nie Ching today said that the Sarawak Assistant Minister of Agriculture (Research and Marketing) Mong Dagang’s “inhumane” and “totally unacceptable” actions proved that he was no longer fit for his position.

“Mong obviously has forgotten his duty as a Minister to take care of all Sarawakians,” she said.

“Our sympathies are with Frusis Lebi. In the past few days, I have received numerous calls and messages from supporters asking how they can channel financial assistance to him,” Teo added.

Members of the public are invited to bank in their donations to Frusis from today until March 14, 2012 care of “Cawangan DAP Kajang Prima” at RHB account 212022-0012-7570.

At the end of the 7-day campaign, the DAP will publish a statement of accounts for the donations received.

Thereafter, DAP Sarawak would channel the funds raised to Frusis Lebi to ensure that the livelihood of his family will not be jeopardised by the unjust decision of the Sarawak State Government.

Born with deformed hands and feet, 51-year-old Frusis Lebi was reported to have flown an opposition party’s flag and allowed his house in Sri Aman to be used as an operations room in the 2011 Sarawak state election.

Netizens expressed outrage last week when a letter was circulated online showing Mong’s order to two government departments to revoke welfare aid to the disabled Frusis due to his support for the opposition.

Teo, who is also DAP Assistant National Publicity Secretary, said that Mong had no basis for his directive. “This is a clear case of blatant discrimination based on a person’s political affiliation,” Teo said.

Meanwhile, PKR vice president N Surendran called Mong’s directive “unlawful” and “intolerant”, adding that BN has a long track record of complete insensitivity to the needs of the disabled.
Teo called on Malaysians to take part generously in the 7-day campaign for Frusis Lebi. “It is time to show Mong Dagang and his fellow colleagues that we Malaysians are more compassionate and caring when it comes to helping out the poor and needy,” she said. –The Rocket


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  1. It is going to be unfair and expensive for Sarawak inter-city bus riders with the new Kuching Sentral.

    The property has complimentary advantages no doubt but the unjust arrangement with Sarawak/Indonesian Buses with extra unfair costs will kill the project and make Sarawak and Malaysian lives unnecessarily burdensome and unjust.

    The property owners get a free ride from bus users & clientele for the shopping and other retail bizness they will derive. The value addition on the property is another factor as the neighborhood area and properties catch on.

    If the deal with the bus companies and bus users is reached lopsided through iron fist, as is common in Malaysia, it is further injustice.

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