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Why is a Malaysian-born mother and her three kids facing deportation from Malaysia?!

She was born to parents who were Permanent Residents in Malaysia. That means she
is entitled to this country’s citizenship. Therefore, the detention is unlawful and an abuse
of powers by the immigration and home ministry.

Her children are also entitled to Malaysian citizenship. Holding the children under immigration detention violates the CRC, which we have ratified. It is also an infringement of UN SDG2030, to which we are a party to. They had temporary papers, which the registration department decided not to renew. This is arbitrary and intentionally deprives them of their fundamental right to a nationality. Has the mum and her kids been made stateless because of discrimination? Because someone needs to show they are powerful? Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin, why send them to Indonesia, where they would also end up stateless when they are rightfully Malaysian citizens?

YB Charles Santiago
Member of Parliament Klang

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