PR confident civil servants will continue serving professionally if PR takes over

PUCHONG, 25 March: The civil service will continue to perform their duties and responsibilities as usual even in the event of an administration change if Pakatan Rakyat wins the general election to take over federal government.

DAP Selangor Chairman Teresa Kok said the civil service plays an important role with its longstanding tradition of experience in administration and loyalty to execute all policies and programs of the government of the day.

She said that the accusation that PR is incapable of governing Malaysia is untrue and absurd because the coalition’s track record in its four states shows a stellar record on all counts including financial management, integrity, good governance, and people’s welfare ¬†as compared to BN-ruled states.

“Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Kelantan – the four states where PR helms the state government have demonstrated improved financial performance due to our policies of transparent and clean governance. We do not practice corruption or abuse of power.”

“It is important for a leader to be accountable to the trust given by the people. In Selangor, we do not take public funds for private gain. As a state Exco, I can assure you we have never benefitted from our position. This is very different from the UMNO-BN government which ruled before. Just look at the land scandals and corruption that they were involved in,” Teresa said.

The MP for Seputeh highlighted that despite the change of government in Selangor in 2008, the new PR state government had successfully managed the state’s economy to have ample cash reserves and surplus to fund the states many welfare programs as part of its policy to return the profits to the people.

New government has proven its excellence

Selangor State Assembly Speaker Teng Chang Khim said that although the PR state government in Selangor has only ruled for one term, the state’s “report card” will show excellent results.

“In the five years that PR has ruled Selangor, we have not raised taxes. In fact, our cash reserves had increased to a record-breaking level and we were able to spend RM800 million for public welfare programs.”

“This is probably the reason that the Prime Minister Najib Razak dares not dissolve Parliament although he has given out the BR1M assistance a few times… he knows that BN is on the losing end,” said TEng.

Teng, who is also State Assemblyman for Sungai Pinang, also expressed his confidence that the people of Selangor would continue to give the mandate to PR to serve and benefit the people. -The Rocket


One comment on “PR confident civil servants will continue serving professionally if PR takes over

  1. by now PKR / DAP would have compiled all the necessary evidence against the currupt immoral thieves of umno & bn…..immediately after taking over putrajaya first thing is to catch these thieves (mamak kutty, tahi of sarawak, musuh of sabah, etc) especially mamak kutty for treson against Malaysia & Malaysians. Charge & jail mamak kutty 2020 lifetime.
    recoverr all loot stashed abroad & locally from these thieves, including their cronies…
    charge & jail the immoral politician crooks & ngo who have abused their political power on racial incitement & disintegration.
    We need a bigger national prison, have PKR / DAP got this prison ready to jail these natinal thieves & racist long term?

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