MCA must explain what they plan to do with their RM58 million allocation?

In the year 2019, Pakatan Harapan gave RM45.5 million to TARUC. RM40 million out of that RM45.5million was given to TAA Education Trust Fund, while RM5.5 million was given to TARC Education Fund. RM45.5 million has indeed been channeled.

However, the RM58 million announced by MCA President Datuk Sri Wee Ka Siong, includes RM18 million which was taken back from the remaining balance of RM40 million channelled to TAA Education Trust Fund in 2019.  Therefore, the allocation for the year 2020 should only be announced as RM40million. In short, PN government did not increase the allocation for TARUC.

Out of the RM40 million given to TAA Education Trust Fund,

1. RM1 million was used to give RM600 achievement award each to TARUC staff members;

2. RM21mil was allocated for student bursaries; and

3. the remaining RM18 million is supposed to be given to the eligible students, RM500 each.

Now the allocation is being transferred from TAA Education Trust Fund, which is handled and managed by professionals and successful TARUC alumni, to TARC Education Fund, which is solely controlled by MCA. Would MCA exercise the same degree of transparency as well as explain how they are going to use the RM58 million allocation?

For example, will TARC Education Fund, continue to give RM500 to the eligible students? And in view of MCO, will TARUC give discounts for tuition fees?

Teo Nie Ching

MP for Kulai

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