Inventor of Batt Pack C13 joins DAP

The DAP family keeps growing with talented and capable members of society!

The Malaysian inventor, Feroz Zainal who won an award at the MCY 2018 (Malaysian Commercialisation Year) for his invention says he joined DAP because he believes they are the party of unity and progress, and appreciates the party’s humbleness throughout the years.

His invention, the Battery Pack C13, is a type of battery that is easy to use by night market traders without the need for diesel or gasoline. Merchants just need to charge the batteries at home and take them to the night market to turn on their lights.

His other inventions include a variation of the stainless steel food grade oven, a battery-powered chiller and freezer, and ice dough — a safe and non-chemical alternative to ice gels.

Feroz who is the village leader of Kg Kalong Tengah, is highly active in his community. He is currently the chairman of Usahawan Inovasi Antara Gapi, Hulu Selangor and is part of the YDP PIBG (Parents-Teachers Association) for SMK Bandar Baru Batang Kali.

If his resume isn’t impressive enough, Feroz is also an experienced chef and founder of LPIZZ PIZZA. The mouth-watering pizzas quickly gained recognition and has been featured in mainstream media.

However, the dedicated village leader chooses to remain humble.

“I am just a layman trying to make small changes for Malaysia’s future” he said in a recent interview with The Rocket.

When asked what he wishes to see more of in Malaysian politics, he believes there should be more people-centric leaders who are respectful of all religions.

“All religions teaches their followers to do good for mankind and mother nature. We also need more leaders that work to serve the community, not those that are looking to serve the interests of the billionaires and elites.

The only way for a leader to truly understand the problems faced by the working man, is if he or she has walked down that road and have faced the same issues.”

He also hopes that politics will have a mind-shift, with less rivalry between political parties and more understanding and working together.

“I have dabbled in other parties before, I am also friends with some of their members. I believe we should encourage each other to do the best for our communities, and put our best effort forward in helping Malaysians.”

Feroz credits his parents for inspiring him to always be respectful and understanding of others.

“My late father wanted me to experience different cultures. He made sure our family tried different foods and learn new things from the Indian and Chinese community. Every week, he would order fresh cows milk from his Punjabi friends.

When the village would have their celebrations, be it Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, or Deepavali, my father would be asked to sembelih a chicken so that there are halal options to be served for Malay guests at these events.

My mother too had friends from many different cultures and would take me over to their homes. She always encouraged me to taste different foods, and never be afraid of trying something new.”

As for his advice to younger Malaysians, he would tell them to learn from their parents and grandparents.

“Ask them how they got along with everyone back in the day, ask them who their friends were, and learn how much simpler life can be when we all get along. As the younger generation, we must strive to do even better than our grandparents and parents before us.”

The Rocket

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