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Malaysia must urgently strengthen its enforcement institutions to protect our children against sexual predators!


How many more monsters such as Alladin Lanims and Richard Huckles will continue to terrorise our children before we take affirmative action?


Following the shocking revelation that one of the world’s most wanted pedophiles, Alladin Lanim has been operating from Malaysian shores and that it took a collaboration between the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) and the Australian Federal Police to finally bring him down, questions have been raised as to how he was allowed to operate in Lundu, Sarawak for more than a decade without being caught.

Worse, this is not the first time such an appalling case of sexual exploitation has happened in Malaysia. Richard Huckle, dubbed Britain’s worst pedophile, was sentenced to life imprisonment in the United Kingdom in 2016 for sexually abusing around 200 children between 2006 and 2014, especially in Malaysia

Given the seriousness of the sexual offences committed by both Alladin Lanim and Richard Huckle which preyed on innocent children in Malaysia for decades, it is time for our country to strengthen the federal police’s specialised Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division. Indeed, we can’t be relying on other countries to protect our children!

For that end, the Member of Parliament (MP) for Bandar Kuching, Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen in a statement yesterday has called upon the Federal Government to equip law enforcement officers in Malaysia with the necessary technical and training expertise to crack down sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

Kelvin stressed,


“In case of Alladin, Lundu is actually a small place and it begs the questions why weren’t our local police aware of his activities.”

The Star article screenshot on the arrest of Alladin Lanim in Sarawak.

“I do hope that this serves as a wake up call for all of us especially for the government to takes crime related to children seriously and strengthen the federal police’s specialised Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division.”


The Bandar Kuching MP further asserted that a holistic plan must also be crafted in order to educate our children on such issues as well as ways to protect themselves and incorporate both measures in our education system.

MP for Bandar Kuching, Dr Kelvin Yii Lee Wuen.

Moreover, Kelvin further urged for law reforms to be initiated so that harsher punishments and stricter enforcement can be implemented in Malaysia to avoid our country becoming a reservoir for paedophile who prey on the vulnerable.

The MP for Batu Kawan, Kasthuri Patto also shared the same views as Kelvin and called for Malaysia to invest in the technology, equipment, training and expertise used by our Australian counterparts in tracing and nabbing child sex offenders who use Malaysia as their base.

In a statement today, Kasthuri recalled how the Deputy Minister of Multimedia and Communication, Datuk Zahidi Zainul Abidin passed the buck to the Ministry of Finance when asked in Parliament about implementing technology to scan for child pornography in Malaysian airports. On 3 August 2021, Zahidi said that his Ministry lacked the funding for the technology and it was not included in Budget 2021 despite such implementation could bring great benefit for all children in Malaysia.

The Batu Kawan MP then urged for the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Home Minister, Communication and Multimedia Minister and the Women, Family and Community Development Minister to allocate adequate funds in Budget 2022 for the technology, equipment, training and expertise in putting an end to sexual violence against children in Malaysia.

MP for Batu Kawan, Kasthuri Patto.

Kasthuri stressed,


“A ‘Malaysian Family’ can only be attained when we can ensure a safe, secure and protected environment for our future generation before we come face to face with a generation of neglected, broken children who were victims of our failure to strike when the iron is hot.”


How many more Alladin Lanims or Richard Huckles are going to fuel their drive and feed their hunger at the expense of violating our children before we prioritise, and with great urgency, bring to the table to invest and devote our blood, sweat and tears to ensure we play an affirmative role to keep our children safe? – The Rocket.

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