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Johor MB must include bipartisan Assemblypersons representation in the state’s District Action Committee (JKTD)


Pakatan Harapan (PH) Johor has expressed disappointment to the negative reaction of Johor Menteri Besar, Datuk Hasni Mohamad towards the suggestion by the state’s opposition urging for Johor State Legislative Assembly Representatives (ADUNs) from the opposition to be part of the state’s District Action Committee (JKTD).

In a statement yesterday (7 September 2021), PH Johor asserted that the response by Hasni is very disappointing. PH Johor further elaborated that that the excuse given by the Menteri Besar for rejecting such bipartisan effort was that JKTD is not legislative in nature.

The statement then questioned the reasoning given by Hasni,


”According to the Menteri Besar’s logic, there is no need for Opposition ADUNs to join JKTD. Ironically, Government ADUNs themselves have been part of JKTD meetings to bring forward issues faced by their respective constituencies.”

Johor State Legislative Assembly building.

“Hence, why can’t the same be done for Opposition ADUNs?”


Furthermore, PH Johor further stressed that Hasni should realise that the responsibilities of an ADUN transcend more than just being a lawmaker at the State Legislative Assembly, but to be the representative of the rakyat. That includes bringing the voice of the people within their constituencies in Action Committees at the district level which meets every month and not only at the State Legislative Assembly which only convenes 4 times a year.


The statement then urged the Menteri Besar to implement PH Johor’s suggestion,


“In order to ensure that an ADUN could perform their responsibilities effectively, it is imperative for the Johor State Government to include ADUNs in JKTD meetings,”


Meanwhile, within the same statement, PH Johor also welcomed Hasni’s decision to prepare documents regarding equal allocation for ADUNs that will be gazetted through the State Legislative Assembly. – The Rocket.

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