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Here’s 10 reasons why the PN government doesn’t really care about you

Would a “prihatin” government do any of these things? Would it serve its own self-interests while jeopardizing the rakyat’s?

1. PN shut down the economy and rushed into the MCO without a coordination plan

2. MITI’s website crashed during a pivotal time when companies needed to apply for approval to continue running

3. Companies in essential sectors faced notable and costly delays in securing approval from MITI, and no consideration was given to them

4. Poor coordination between the Ministry of Transport, port operators, and transporters caused cargo to pile up in major ports

5. PN abruptly opened up the economy without proper planning – SOPs weren’t prepared and stakeholders weren’t properly briefed

6. PN failed to give sufficient assistance to SMEs suffering during the lockdown

7. PN held a half-day sitting during its first parliamentary session on 18 May and refused to table any bills, including bills that could help the rakyat

8. PN tabled the Covid Relief Bill too late, this couldn’t save SMEs that had already shut down due to the MCO

9. Muhyiddin said no politicking, yet appointed many PN backbenchers and other PN politicians as chairmen of various GLCs and statutory bodies

10. PN toppled Kedah’s Bersatu-led PH government and tried toppling the Negeri Sembilan, Selangor, and Sabah state governments too

Conclusion? Yes, Muhyiddin’s government isn’t the government you voted for. And his government definitely does not care for you.

This article was written based on Dr. Ong Kian Ming’s press statement dated 15th August.

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