Ghazale won’t stop with his ridiculous lies.

This isn’t the first time Ghazale bin Muhamad, the Deputy Speaker of Melaka State Assembly has been caught spreading malicious lies about DAP.

After his public apology to Kulai’s Member of Parliament, Teo Nie Ching over a since deleted Facebook post, Ghazale has since become emboldened to strike the public with fake news yet again.

More fake news from Ghazalee.

In absurd Facebook post uploaded on the 11th of August 2020, Ghazalee claims that DAP has hired a special team of 30 Chinese Malaysian youth as special officers to Lim Guan Eng when he was the Finance Minister during Pakatan Harapan’s reign.

He goes on to claim that these group of officers, all aged between 20 – 30 years old are paid an average RM 8,000 – RM 15,000 a month. What’s more, because Lim Guan Eng wants to keep them a secret, these officers work out of a swanky home turned office away from the public eye.

The post states that the purpose of the group was to expose cases involving Umno people, manage assets under the finance ministry and ‘help’ Lim Guan Eng prepare a budget report favouring his race.

How a respected politician would make such careless claims and spread fake news without an iota of evidence is beyond logical reasoning. The Malaysian people deserve better.

Ghazalee needs to stop making up fables to paint DAP and Lim Guan Eng as villains.

Ghazalee is a serial liar and peddler of fake news. Such behaviour is unacceptable for a Deputy Speaker of a state assembly, who should be ethical, righteous, and unbiased in his conduct.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has issued a letter of demand for the defamatory FB post. Ghazalee should now withdraw his false statement immediately and issue an apology to Lim Guan Eng. However, the people should not forget his record as a peddler of fake news with regards to these cases.

This article was based on Khoo Poay Tiong’s statement dated 21st August 2020.

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