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Muhyiddin follows UMNO’s footsteps in dishing out political retaliation.

The culture of intimidation and harassment is nothing new in the arena of politics. How else can authoritarian regimes hold on to power and keep the masses in line?

With not an iota of evidence showing wrongdoing on the part of DAP’s Secretary General, Lim Guan Eng, it is clear from the circumstances that his arrest is politically motivated and part of an overall attempt by the government to silence the democratic opposition.

Let’s not forget that Guan Eng’s arrest was based on similar charges to those which have previously been dismissed by the judiciary. In other words, he had already been cleared of these accusations, so why has this been dug out again?

Guan Eng’s case is proof of that seekers of justice in Malaysia will get targeted, intimidated and politically harassed if you go up against the powers that be. This long time tactic of throwing opposition members in jail is a well known practice of UMNO that has been around for decades.

It is alarming that Muhyiddin who was once part of a new Malaysia has proven himself quite capable in following UMNO’s footsteps in dishing out political retaliation.

Perhaps SocDem Asia said it best, in their recent statement regarding the arrest.

“The current ruling government has shown it has no qualms of replicating the same tactics of political harassment and intimidation perpetrated by the previous corrupt UMNO-led government”SocDem Asia

SocDem Asia, regional network of social democratic and progressive political parties, member of Progressive Alliance has come out in support of DAP chief Lim Guan Eng.

The timing is extremely suspect as well, arrests of other high-ranking leaders of PH will render the opposition leaderless going to the next elections touted to be called very soon. There has already been new sodomy allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim which seem to have come out of nowhere.

If such efforts by those currently in power were to be successful, all reforms initiated by the former PH government will be reversed or erased. They will also ensure by all means that forces not aligned with them will never return to government.

The Malaysian people’s only defense is to remain vigilant against any attacks on civil liberties.

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