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DAP continues to serve the rakyat, makes sure no one is left behind in Covid-19 vaccination drive


While the PN government is busy politicking, DAP continues to consistently serve the rakyat


Malaysia has recorded its 9th straight day with over 6,000 new daily Covid-19 cases, with the whopping 8,868 new cases announced yesterday being the highest in well over a month. Hence, it is more imperative than ever for the Covid-19 vaccination drive to be ramped up so that ‘herd immunity’ can be reached.

In the race to vaccinate the rakyat, it is also important we make sure that no one gets left behind in the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (NCIP), especially the underprivileged. Therefore, since the very start of NCIP, DAP has consistently supported the programme and even went the extra mile in making sure that the vaccines actually reach the rakyat.

One of the initiatives that DAP representatives have made in ensuring the success of NCIP is to help with the registration process, as well as provide free transportation services for the underprivileged, people with disabilities and the elderly to safely escort them to vaccination centres.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bandar Kuching, Dr Kelvin Yii has been providing free transportation services for his constituency since the early stages of NCIP. In fact, he and his hardworking team in DAP Kuching have personally escorted the elderly or the underprivileged to get their vaccination shots in Sarawak’s capital.

Meanwhile in Sandakan, DAP MP Vivian Wong has also been providing free transportation services for the elderly to get their vaccination shots. For those in Sandakan and require assistance to get to your vaccination centre, do contact Vivian’s office at 013-6518823.

Concurrently, the MP for Bangi, Dr Ong Kian Ming is also providing a similar initiative for his constituency. For more than a month, the Bangi MP office has been assisting the elderly and people with disabilities to safely get their vaccination shots.

For those in Bangi and without transportation to your vaccination centre, Kian Ming’s team is ever ready to be of assistance. Do contact the MP for Bangi’s team via WhatsApp at 018-3697305.

In Seremban, DAP MP Anthony Loke has set up several initiatives to help those without transportation to reach their vaccination centres in the Negeri Sembilan capital. These initiatives include free taxi for the elderly, people with disabilities, as well as pregnant women to get to their respective vaccination centres. Through this initiative, Anthony is able to serve the rakyat by helping them to get vaccinated and at the same time, provide employment for taxi drivers during this trying times.

Furthermore, Anthony is also offering free shuttle bus service from the Seremban Parliamentary service centre to the vaccination centre in USIM. Open for all that has a vaccination appointment in USIM, the shuttle bus will be conducting 2 round trips at 9am and 2pm every day.

For those in Seremban and require assistance to get to your vaccination centre, do contact the Seremban Parliamentary service centre at 06-7634525.

Similarly in Klang, DAP MP Charles Santiago is also providing a free taxi service to vaccination centres within his constituency. For the elderly in Klang that has no means to get to your vaccination centre, do contact the Klang Parliamentary service centre at 016-6267797 or fill in your details via this Google form here.

Meanwhile in Melaka, the MP for Kota Melaka, Khoo Poay Tiong has helped more than 80 people to get to their vaccination centres within the span of 12 days. The free transportation programme is still ongoing and open for all Kota Melaka residents without any means to reach their vaccination centres, with priority given to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Furthermore, Poay Tiong’s initiative is also helping those without income during this Covid-19 pandemic whereby the service is hiring them as drivers for the free transportation programme. For those in Kota Melaka and require assistance to reach your vaccination centre, do contact the Kota Melaka Parliamentary service centre at 014-6696285.

The rakyat’s welfare is always DAP’s utmost priority, especially during this scathing Covid-19 pandemic. If you or anyone that you know require aid during this trying times, do contact your nearest DAP service centre and we will do our best to provide assistance.

DAP is Demokratik, Adil, Peduli. – The Rocket.

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