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Food aid distribution starts in Bandar Kuching and Stampin

Both Pusat Khidmat P195 Bandar Kuching & P196 Stampin will be starting their food aid distribution from RM 300k the Federal Government’s PEMULIH Programme to cover a total of 8572 different households living within each constituency of Bandar Kuching & Stampin.

It is both our commitment to be transparent and accountable with every cent that is allocated for such purpose including being transparent with the whole process including decision-making, procurement, and distribution.

After our discussions with “Unit Penyelarasan Pelaksanaan (ICU)” and in order for us to cover as many families as possible in need in both constituencies, we have made the decision to set the budget for each Food Pack at RM 70 which will translate to a total of 4286 pax for each constituency.

For the past few days, we have been receiving quotations from different local supermarkets and local suppliers in order for us to choose the best value of products closest to the full RM 70 value for each pax.

So based on the guidelines given by the government as well as feedback from families on the ground on things they need, the decision was made that each pack will contain 10 items:

  • 10kg bag of rice
  • 2x Can of Sardines(425g)
  • 2x packets of Lee Fah Mee 5 pack set
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Cream Crackers 250g
  • Corn kernel 425g
  • Wheat Flour 850g
  • Bee Hoon 300g
  • Milo Pack 1kg

(10) Creamer 500g

*Brands will be based on stock availability.

This is to maintain consistency and so that each recipient can check and monitor the items they receive. We will also be purchasing from different sources who provide similar quotation to spread out the allocation to help the local industry and boost the local economy.

Any additional logistical cost or miscellaneous cost incurred will be covered by our respective offices with our own resources to ensure our constituents receive the best value from the total RM 300k allocated. We will also provide regular updates until every packet purchased is fully delivered to our constituents.

Details of all recipients will also be recorded and fully submitted to the Ministry involved for necessary checks and audits. Transparency and accountability are important to us as we recognise that this is not our money, nor the government’s money, but the people’s money.

We are currently already collecting details from families in need in our constituency.

 For those in need they can contact.

P195 Bandar Kuching:

Kelvin 0187708354

Violet 0168898544

Julian 0129774983

Agnes 0168683433

Anthony 0109602334

Kenny 0128803340

June 016855 2213

P196 Stampin;

Chong Chieng Jen 017228 8221

Michael 0138199191

Sim 016426 2210

Aziz 0193021619

Jane 0168845060

Leslie  0168006068

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