Ariffin lodges police report against Antarapos

DAP National Vice Chairman Ariffin Omar filed a police report against online news portal Antarapos for misreporting and slander against him in an interview. Antarapos had reported Ariffin as saying that the civil service was corrupt due to the fact that it was dominated by a single race.

“I did not make such statement. It’s pure slander. The reason why there are more Malays in the civil service is due to the fact that they form 60% of our population.
“All I did was to suggest that the civil service offer more opportunities to non Malays to join the institution,” said Ariffin.
Since the Antarapos report, Senator Ariffin -who was newly appointed to the DAP Central Executive Committee on 17 December 2012 – has been publicly chastised by Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin in Utusan Malaysia.

DAP protects Malay interest
Ariffin, who is a senior academician, clarified that it was the Barisan Nasional government that is practicing corruption, and not the civil service.

“This is proven by the recent international report that said that RM871 billion in illicit money had moved out of Malaysia in the last 10 years,” he said.
Global Financial Integrity, a US-based group, had ranked Malaysia as the third highest nation in the world in terms of illicit money being siphoned out of the country. Malaysia’s third place is only bested by Mexico at the second spot and China topping the table.
Ariffin also debunked Muhyiddin’s claims that DAP was a racist party, saying DAP had conducted many programmes to attract more Malays to join the party.
“Just look at Penang. DAP protects the interest of Malays by taking care of their welfare. Rest assured that once Pakatan takes federal power, the Malays will see a brighter future,” he said.- The Rocket

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