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Noise warning: Selangor should punish officers who act against orders

by Gobind Singh Deo

The Selangor State Government must punish the officer or officers responsible for issuing the order against the Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Pekan Bangi Lama, Balakong to reduce noise levels and cease religious activities after 6pm.

This order is simply outrageous. It is clearly against the spirit of Pakatan Rakyat and an attempt to again put Pakatan Rakyat in bad light.

It is common for temples to conduct prayers between 6pm and 9pm during which time there will also be ringing of bells. This is a fact. It is well known to us and we respect this.

And there are clear guidelines in place by the state government expressly requiring all officers of local councils to refer any issue or complaints relating to religious affairs to the councils full board before any action can be taken.

Despite this, we find that certain officers nevertheless proceed to openly defy orders.

I am of the view that this attitude amongst officers deliberately ignoring state directives will continue if nothing is done to deter them. The state government must show that it is serious in cases like these and take action against the officers concerned in order to send the correct and strong message to others who dare defy orders, that they too will be dealt with severely.

If no action is taken, then that will reflect weakness on part of the state which will then have to take full responsibility for acts of defiance by their officers against their own orders in future.

To say that the state is not responsible because the officer acted against the state directive is one thing but to let the officer off when such directives are broken is something else.

I call upon the Menteri Besar to ensure that action be taken against officers who defy orders so as to show that the state is serious in making sure that this doesn’t occur again in future and that it is serious in implementing its policies and directives. -The Rocket

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