Another dead chicken for Teresa Kok

OFF KUCHAI LAMA, Kuala Lumpur, 19 February  – A slaughtered chicken, splashes of red paint and a picture of Septeh MP Teresa Kok was discovered outside her office at 8.30am. This was perceived by Teresa Kok  to be another response to the controversial  Chinese New Year 2014 Onederful Malaysia  video which featured the Seputeh MP  and a cast that poked fun at the BN led government .

The carcass, picture and paint were found on the stairs leading to her office by the office block manager, Sim Foo Lan who then informed Teresa of the odious findings.  After a report was lodged, the police’s forensics department arrived to gather evidence and investigate the matter.

“I think it is related to the Onederful Malaysia video clip that was produced for Chinese New Year”, says the Seputeh MP.

She urges everyone to stop distorting the message in the video, and added that if people watched and read the subtitles of the video, there would be no evidence of insult to the Malay race, Islam or royalty as claimed by irresponsible parties.

“We are going to upload the subtitles in Bahasa Malaysia for the online video so that the malay community will understand that there is nothing in the video that insulted their race, religion, or royalty”, she added.

On 6 February, a coalition of Muslim NGO’s organized a blood smearing chicken slaughter  demonstration announcing a RM1200 reward for anyone who would slap the Seputeh MP for the satirical video.  The group then garnered the support of several BN leaders who dismissed the coalition’s acts as being non –threatening.

One comment on “Another dead chicken for Teresa Kok

  1. The question that begs the answer from any rational Malaysian of different faiths is : Which act(s) has /have brought dishonour to one’s race, religion & country ?
    1) CNY 2014 Onederful Malaysia video that poked funs or
    2) The gangland styles of response to the video – The ceremony of smearing blood from slaughtered chicken & the public offer of RM1200 reward to anyone who slaps the face of Seputeh MP during Feb 6 demonstration, followed by acts of throwing carcass, picture & paint on the stairs leading to her office

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