Zero tolerance for DAP members who betray the party’s struggles

DAP’s disciplinary committee chairman, Chong Chieng Jen iterates that stern action will be taken against any party members or elected representatives who betray the party’s struggles. 

These include accepting positions within the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government or choosing to remain with or assisting any representatives who have betrayed the party.

Chieng Jen said the stance in a statement announcing the sacking of Kong Lai Ling, Ng Sook Whye and Khi Poh Chong from DAP.

“The three mentioned above participated in a ‘counter protest’ at Tronoh assemblyman Paul Yong Choo Kiong’s office in February, as they went up against another protest by DAP grassroots supporters over ship-jumping in the assembly seat.”

Protest demanding Paul Yong’s resignation as Tronoh assemblyman | Picture by Farhan Najib for Malay Mail

“All of them were found guilty of actively assisting Yong, who had been sacked from DAP, despite the committee’s warnings that no party members could assist any MPs or assemblymen who jumped ship or were sacked.”

“In the case of Kong Lai Ling, she has since accepted the position as Batu Gajah councillor under the PN government.” said Chieng Jen. 

This decision was made in the DAP’s disciplinary committee today following complaints received regarding the incident which happened after the fall of the Perak Pakatan Harapan State Government in March. 

Furthermore, Chieng Jen also asserted that the committee have also sent show cause letters to nine party members which have been identified to attend the press conference announcing A. Sivasuramaniam’s entry into Parti Gerakan on June 26.

These include:

  • Dan Adriel A/L Daniel Velloo 
  • Angeline Phillip A/P Joe Phillip 
  • Murugiah A/L Palany 
  • Joseph Hendry A/L Kovil Pillai John 
  • Amir Bin Abdullah
  • Marimutu A/L Ranggasamay 
  • Theivanai A/P Selban
  • William John A/L Johin Bin

“The committee has also decided to suspend the membership of Loh Eng Soon for a year, as he has intentionally slandered and defamed the name of state leaders on his Facebook account. His writings have also smeared the party’s good name.” he stressed.

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