Woman, 22, shot dead by police

KLANG, 8 Feb – In just a short period of one month, three  ordinary Malaysians have lost their lives at the hands of the police force, pushing the already strong feelings of doubts and apprehension over an authority that is purported to be the people’s custodian of law to a whole new level.

Taking a night drive on 18 January along Jalan Bendahara, Taman Sentosa here, Pua Bee Chun, 22, was shot to her death after the police fired an absurd 24 shots towards Pua’s car, over the unsupported belief that the car she was driving is a stolen one. The driver of the car, Song Chee Chai survived the incident.

The police justified their action as a matter of merely ‘trying to stop the car’, a reason unacceptable to the family of Pua to describe their heartbreaking loss. Pua leaves behind her husband, Foo Voon Kong, 27, and two children.

Disappointed by the tragedy, Klang Member of Parliament, Charles Santiago lamented what has happened, considering that the police should not take such a careless action within the vicinity of a housing area.

“When such things happened, no one will feel safe anymore. This proves that the police are not carrying their jobs out professionally, of which they are supposed to charge the criminals at court, not immediately acting as a ‘judge’ [to punish the alleged criminals].”

“We have been urging, including at the Parliament, for an establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), but nothing has been done until now,” said Charles.

Meanwhile the DAP Legal Bureau Chief, Gobind Singh Deo related the nature of the shooting here as similar to the case that happened in Seksyen 11, Shah Alam in 2010, when the late Aminulrasyid Amzah — just a mere teenager of 15 years old — was heartlessly shot dead by the police based on the same accusation of car stealing.

“It is not that our policemen are not trained. There are many ways to stop a car, and using weapons is not one the ways. They [the police] themselves are aware that by releasing shots could lead to many [unwanted] possibilities.”

“We will bring this case up for civil actions to be taken against the police officers responsible,” he said. Gobind, also Puchong Member of Parliament will represent the late victim’s family.

In his police report, the late victim’s husband, Foo Voon Kong, 26 said he was told about the unfortunate incident involving his late wife through a phone call made by a friend.

“I arrived at the scene, which was then swarming with people and the police. My late wife’s body was already brought to Klang’s Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, and I was later told by the doctor that my wife has been shot through her back, the bullet hitting her lungs and her heart,” Foo explained.

Truck driver Foo hopes to see a thorough investigation carried out, and for those responsible for her wife’s death to be brought to justice. – The Rocket

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