Why do they torture Anwar so much?


by Wan Hamidi HamidWhen the “Kajang move” was announced to explain why Anwar Ibrahim was to stand in the Kajang by-election, there were those who supported it, there were those who were against it, and then there were those who were confused.

As PKR Strategic Director Rafizi Ramli explained, the Kajang move was necessary to defend Selangor from an UMNO power grab, and as a platform for Pakatan Rakyat to gun for Putrajaya.

Many dissenting voices were heard from within Pakatan Rakyat and even PKR itself. Voices of dissatisfaction, anger, and frustration at Anwar’s choice to stand in Kajang.

It all started when something went wrong between Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim and his political rival, Selangor PKR Chief and PKR number two Azmin Ali.

Lee Chin Cheh resigned as the Kajang State Assemblyman on 27 January. On 5 February, the Election Commission announced that polling day for the Kajang seat would be on 23 March.

On 28 February, while Pakatan was still squabbling over the Kajang Move, the court suddenly fixed 6 and 7 March for the continued hearing of Anwar Ibrahim’s Sodomy II case.

On 7 March, the Court of Appeal found Anwar guilty. With that, Anwar, who had been cleared from the charges by the High Court on on 9 January 2012, was now said to be guilty of the charges. The court also sentenced Anwar to five years’ jail.

Supposedly, on 11 March, tomorrow, Anwar should have been filing his nomination papers for the Kajang by-election.

Now, the court’s decision bars Anwar from contesting. Anwar can no longer stand and win, he can no longer become the Menteri Besar of Selangor. This makes the quest for Putrajaya more difficult.

Is this what some of Pakatan Rakyat supporters want?

While Pakatan was wrestling within itself, Barisan Nasional was worried about the Kajang Move. While Pakatan supporters were complaining, BN leaders were busy scheming.

This proves that BN is truly afraid of the Kajang Move. They are worried of the possibility that Anwar will make his move for Putrajaya. Because that will spell the end of the BN era.

Because of this, Anwar must be sacrificed to defend UMNO-BN power. Anwar continues to be the victim of BN conspiracy to bring down his political career and family.

Sadly, there are still some Pakatan supporters who do not see this, are not aware, and may not care about this. Perhaps their hearts are elsewhere. -The Rocket

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