What Najib must do to win…

Dear PM Najib,

If you want to win big in this coming 13th General Election, all you have to do is give assurance to the Rakyat (people) that you will “gempar” them by taking on the following essentials:

1. Issue a warrant of arrest to your good friend Abdul Razak Baginda.

Charge him in court for abetting in the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu – yes again. The rakyat really suspect he is guilty of abetting the murder as he was the main player and benefited the most in the Scorpene acquisition. Actually, some of the rakyat even suspect you and your wife, Rosmah Mansor, but one step at a time. Whatever it is, this action against Baginda might clear a little of the scandal off you, and decrease the negativity from your credibility in the murder.

2. Arrest Samy Vellu immediately for the MAIKA, MIED and Telekom share scandal and charge him in court.

The Indians will come back in droves to support you, regardless of Hindraf. You will gain the confidence of the Indians voters when you march into GE-13.

3. Fast forward the PKFZ scandal in courts to find Ling Leong Sik guilty and send him to jail immediately.

This will make the Chinese sit up and watch while the Malays will be really proud of you and reward you when they vote.

4. Send Khir Toyo to jail for corruption and sack him from UMNO.

He was appointed by Mahathir Mohamad as the Menteri Besar and this doesn’t augur well for the ex-PM’s credibility. By taking this action you might even win Selangor without working too hard, as you have claimed to be on the ‘verge’ of doing so. A win will tremendously boost your image because you are the Barisan Nasional Leader for Selangor.

5. Sack Shahrizat Jalil immediately from all posts in UMNO

and freeze all assets of the NFC as well as the privately-owned firms of her family that are connected to NFC until every cent is accounted for. This might vindicate you from the Kazakhstan condo scandal that is brewing and about to erupt. It will also sky-rocket your ratings within UMNO and with the rakyat and give the Opposition a heart attack!

6. Come clean on your wife’s spending

as well as show evidence of the return of the US$24 million diamond ring back to New York. Also, you must be brave and make it a point to put your wife on a leash always. If need be, you must not be scared to put a muzzle on her mouth area.

You have to show the rakyat that you are above her in all matters concerning your office as well as declare to the rakyat that the First Lady of Malaysia is actually the Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong, the King’s wife. Your wife is just the Prime Minister’s wife.

You know something Mr Prime Minister. If you actually do this, the women’s vote will all be yours. This will help you tremendously to win with the two-thirds majority that we know you and Umno have given up on. Why? Sorry to say this but your wife is the most hated person after Mahathir in Malaysia.

7. Apologize publicly for the Perak coup de  coup d’etat and admit it was a grave mistake.

This will help to you to retain Perak again. Also, while you are at it, give a tight slap on the face to Hee Yit Foong which will please all the Chinese in Perak. They may vote for you after that.

8. Fulfill all of BERSIH 2.0′s 8 electoral reforms without prejudice.

Show the people you are sincere in electoral reform and you do not need to cheat to win.

9. This is a real challenge. Arrest Mahathir Mohamed for all the corruption he was involved in his 22 years of rule.

The power is now in your hands. Can you do it? If yes, then you win hands down, regardless Pakatan Rakyat and their hugely talented team. You will get the entire backing of the rakyat and a mandate that will be hard to beat by any other UMNO chief for decades to come.

10. And finally, get rid of PERKASA.

Stay clear away from Hassan Ali and JATI. And most of all, declare you are ‘Malaysian First and Malay Second’ – not like that Muhyiddin Yassin who tried to be ‘funny’ and bully the non-Malays but look where he is now. So, uphold a fair 1 MALAYSIA for all races in Malaysia.

The People’s Champion

If you can really implement all these suggestions you will be “The People’s Champion”. And you can ride on for another TWO terms on this euphoria alone. But the chances are, you will not be able fulfill ANY of these suggestions. So you will have to resign yourself to the idea that you will lose control of both UMNO and Barisan Nasional.


* This article first appeared in Only At Malaysia. 

One comment on “What Najib must do to win…

  1. “…you will have to resign yourself to the idea that you will lose control of both UMNO and Barisan Nasional”?

    Since when has the unelected PM / unelected UMNO president ever been in control of either UMNO or BN?

    From Day One, from the day Pak Lah stepped down till this very minute, Najib has never been in power in real terms.

    With his baggage galore, so many other people held the puppet strings. From a supposedly retired PM to his own deputy (who demonstrated his obvious disdain by refuting Najib’s policy statements in short order many times) to his own wife to UMNO warlords… all apparently wielded power tauntingly in the face of the PM.

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