We will win this together!

By Lim Guan Eng

To our frontline heroes, you are not alone, we are with you all the way!

This morning I visited Seberang Jaya Hospital to present them with 5,000 face masks and 500 sets of face shields. A big thank you to our frontline heroes.

I spoke to hospital director, Dr Saiful and he thanked me for approving an allocation of RM400,000 to the hospital to buy medical supplies when I was Finance Minister. Unfortunately I was told the allocation was eventually cancelled after I left MOF. I hope the federal government will reconsider and return the RM400,000 to Hospital Seberang Jaya.

Seberang Jaya Hospital has been designated Covid-19 test centre. This is a heavy responsibility. Everyday, many people will go there to undergo Covid-19 test.

Sometimes, our publicity focuses on treatment hospitals, but frontliners at these Covid-19 test centres are equally important. They risk infection daily because of their interactions with Covid-19 patients.

I have undergone such Covid-19 test myself at a local Klinik Kesihatan and I can confidently say that the medical staff performed their tasks with great professionalism.

Thank you frontliners! We will fight Covid-19 together.

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