Wan Azizah secures majority after two PAS reps back her as MB

wan azizah 30 press picSubang, 14 August: Kajang Assemblyperson Wan Azizah Wan Ismail today announced that with two PAS reps vouching for her, in addition to the 28 PKR and DAP assemblypersons who had earlier declared their support, she now has the backing of 30 out of 56 Selangor Assemblypersons to become the Menteri Besar of Selangor.

The two PAS Assemblypersons, Saari Sungib (Hulu Kelang) and Hasnul Baharuddin (Morib), were also present during the public declaration of support for Wan Azizah, effectively cementing Wan Azizah’s majority support.

Previously, PAS reps had deferred taking an official stand on the prolonged MB crisis, saying they would wait until the party meets on August 17 to decide on the matter.

Flanked by the 30 assemblypersons at a press conference in Empire Hotel, Wan Azizah told the media that that they had all signed statutory declarations to verify that they have lost confidence in Abdul Khalid Ibrahim as the Menteri Besar.

sungip and guan eng

Hulu Kelang Rep Saari Sungip (PAS) and Lim Guan Eng at the press conference in Subang Jaya Empire Mall

“I announce that 30 Pakatan Rakyat assemblypersons, including myself, have lost faith in Khalid as menteri besar,” Wan Azizah demanded that the Independent MB surrender the position to her, since she is now backed by majority of the Selangor state assembly.

“He [Khalid] must accept that his legitimacy as the MB is no more and ease proceedings for the transfer, and cease to make all administrative and policy decisions,” said Wan Azizah. She asked Khalid to abide by the laws and principles of democracy.

She also praised the patience of the people of Selangor in the midst of the political turmoil, awaiting a resolution with respect to the Selangor State Constitution.

Following the majority obtained, Wan Azizah said that she sent a letter to the Selangor Sultan proving her support and to seek advice from Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. The Sultan had rejected her previous request for an audience as the request letter was signed by PKR de facto leader and her husband Anwar Ibrahim.

Khalid says it’s business as usual until vote of no confidence

On 11 August, the Sultan had given his consent for Khalid to remain as Menteri Besar despite being sacked by PKR.

Even if the remainder of the PAS and UMNO reps in the Selangor State Assembly (DUN) were to back Khalid, he could no longer survive a vote of no confidence. However, unless there is an emergency sitting of the DUN, a vote of no confidence can only be passed when the DUN is due to sit in November.

Meanwhile in an immediate reaction, Khalid said that Wan Azizah’s claim needed to be translated through a process of a vote of no confidence in the Selangor legislative state assembly.

On his Facebook page, Khalid said that the Selangor government’s administration will carry on as usual until such process took place.

Lawyer – Khalid has lost the confidence, he must resign

However PKR Vice President N. Surendran, who is a lawyer, is of the opinion that since Khalid has lost the confidence of the majority in the State Assembly, he must resign.

Calling Khalid “desparate to cling to office”, Surendran pointed out that Article 53(6)  of the Selangor State Constitution states that if the MB ‘ceases to command the confidence of the majority’ of the members of the Assembly, he shall tender his resignation and that of State Exco. 

“With the confirmation today of 30 members who no longer have confidence in Khalid, Article 53(6) becomes operative. Khalid is bound by the Constitution to leave office immediately.”

Surendran said Khalid must explain on what basis did he inform Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah on 11 August that he had the confidence of the majority of the assembly.  -The Rocket



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