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“To use the hammer to destroy it further or the hammer to repair the cabinet?”


The Langkah Sheraton NFT project is a novel and innovative venture to enable thousands of rakyats to own a piece of critically-acclaimed artwork which recorded a pivotal moment in Malaysian political history

‘Langkah Sheraton’ is a large 120cm x 160cm oil painting by Tony Pua which records the moments leading up to the historic betrayal by then members of the Harapan coalition in February 2020, resulting in the latter’s collapse after barely 22 months in Government.

It was an extreme painful and sobering moment for millions of Malaysians.

They had only in 2018, celebrated the historic peaceful and democratic overthrow of the corrupt and authoritarian Barisan Nasional government who has ruled Malaysia since independence in 1957.

NFT in short stands for “Non-fungible token” – it is a unique token that exists on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.

The Langkah Sheraton NFT is unlike most NFT art in the market today which is entirely digital, and somewhat throttled by excessive supply which makes it distinctive.

Instead, the Langkah Sheraton NFT is backed by ownership of a physical, rare and critically-acclaimed oil painting of immense historical value which will last for generations to come.

For the supporters of the Malaysian Dream, to build a nation where every citizen sees themselves as Malaysian First, and not be prejudiced by race and religion – the entire proceeds from the Langkah Sheraton NFT sale will go towards the Democratic Action Party (DAP) of Malaysia, a part of the campaign funds for the 15th General Election.

For the supporters of democracy and good governance, there can be no more meaningful way to contribute towards the cause of fighting kleptocracy, abuse of power, corruption and cronyism, by owning a piece of history.

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