The ‘PeNipu’ Government – Cronies a priority while the rakyat are left behind

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Malaysia is regressing backwards thanks to Perikatan Nasional’s greed and lust for power. 

Woo Kah Leong, who is also the Political Secretary to YB Nga Kor Ming called for the PN regime to put priority on the country and its rakyat and not busy aligning PN MPs to high paying GLC positions.

“The PN leaders are shameless to the rakyat whereby the scramble for MPs to be given illustrious positions within GLCs is done publicly and recklessly. It seems that the PN regime under Muhyiddin and Azmin requires solidifying of support with positions in order for its legitimacy to be recognized and not through the rakyat’s mandate via the General Election” commented the DAPSY National Executive Committee member.

Unfortunately, Pakatan Harapan’s measure of putting professionals free of the political influences in key positions within GLCs in order to reform our nation’s administrative system is put to a halt due to these power hungry leaders.

On a separate note, Woo compliments the effort and sacrifices made by our frontliners. He commented,

“We are lucky because when the country was under threat by the spread of Covid-19, we were blessed with frontliners that are committed to save the nation. Our deepest gratitude to them.”

Woo then asked the question,

“How far can we see the PN regime’s efforts in saving the country and lessen the burden of the rakyat?” 

The rakyat today are blind-sided by special national addresses that sweet-talks this backdoor government and paints a picture that is a far cry from reality. In actuality, what is apparent is only their lust for GLC positions and their incompetence in distributing aid to the rakyat.

In fact, within the last few days, we have received news that many of the rakyat’s applications for aid have been rejected by the government. The reason for these rejections show a lack of empathy by the government. These include rejection due to having business licences and some even because the system claimed that they have passed away. Furthermore, we have also heard news of the grievances felt by frontliners due to how hard it is for them to receive the special allowances that were promised. 

“The problems facing the rakyat today that are caused by the incompetence of the Perikatan Nasional government can be rectified if they view the rakyat’s woes seriously and being more important than distributing illustrious GLC positions amongst MPs in order to solidify the power they took from the backdoor,” he added when commenting on the current issues happening today.

14 May 2020.

Woo Kah Leong,

DAPSY National Executive Committee.

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