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The Biggest Loser

This new feature in The Rocket is dedicated to highlight those who did or said something really silly for them to be featured in this column. In short, if you are featured in this column, well…

This week’s nominees are….

1. Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa CNY open house

What an embarrassing fiasco for Ibrahim Ali and his ultra-lunatics. “Because we are ultra right-wing loonies who hate everyone that aren`t us, let`s prove that we are Chinese-friendly and organize an open house.”

Wrong move my friend. Not only did you guys prove that you are absolutely oblivious to Chinese culture and traditions, but your act of giving out white ang-pow packets caused an absolute outrage. MCA could not hold back any longer and had the balls to finally speak up against Perkasa.

Not only that, an MCA office-bearer had to resign because of this! This MCA fella was given the responsibility of finding willing Chinese people to attend this event (because people in Perkasa obviously don`t have many Chinese friends), and even he claims that he didn`t know that Perkasa were the organizers of this open house!

2. MCA Youth: PAS & DAP should apologize for Ibrahim Ali`s arrogance

This is another nincompoop in the form of MCA Youth Sec-Gen Datuk Chai Kim Sen. According to him, for some reason PAS and DAP should apologize to the Chinese community for Ibrahim Ali being as he is. Whhhaaatt??! Dude, you serious??

According to him, Ibrahim Ali (an independent MP of Pasir Mas) was allowed to be an MP because PAS allowed him to. DAP as brothers in arms with PAS should also apologize too. *raised eyebrow*

Hello? I thought it was MCA Sri Desa Branch Chairman Colin Tiew who found the unassuming Chinese people and ferried them to go the open house to receive those implied death threats? Not only did he just find the participants, he went the extra mile by translating every word of Ibrahim Ali`s speech at that function so that people could understand! Now Mr Colin is claiming that he did not know that Perkasa was organizing the event?

Now, unwillingly the Chairman of MCA Sri Desa Branch had to resign. According to facts, isn`t it clear that MCA helped facilitate this open house? So aren`t MCA and Perkasa best friends? Why should PAS and DAP be responsible for the fiasco? On what logic? MCA, MCA. It seems like you are just as desperate to prolong your eventual political demise as your big brother UMNO, clutching at straws for dear life.

3. EC Chairman – Tan Sri Aziz Yusof

Not enough with making a mockery of our electoral system by not moving a muscle to fulfil Bersih 2.0 demands of a cleaner and fair election, the EC have now suggested that overseas Malaysians who don`t pay taxes should not be allowed to vote.

First of all, denying a citizen his pre-existing right to vote is unconstitutional. Secondly, on what basis is the EC denying their voting rights? Following the EC’s logic, voting is just a privilege of the few (and rich). Only 1 million out of 28 million Malaysians can afford to pay income tax. Should only these 1million people get to vote?

This just shows how ignorant one can be. Let us school the EC chairman about income taxation laws. Dear Tan Sri, the Income Tax Act 1967 states that income derived from sources outside Malaysia and received in Malaysia are exempt from income tax.

Voting is the right of every citizen. It is the only thing that differentiates us from non-Malaysians (even though in some cases Indonesians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis and even “Balai Polis Kerinchi” can also vote). Denying a citizen the right to vote just because of their income status or where they live is absolutely ridiculous. They are Malaysians, it is their right to vote. Or is there another unseen reason that makes the EC afraid to grant them voting rights?

And the winner is…

Ibrahim Ali/Perkasa by a landslide! Congratulations Dato`! You have shown to us and to the world how ignorant your group is in this multi-ethnic country and your group has no place in our country. No, you do not represent the Malays as you think you do, and no right-thinking Malaysians support your group. No one wants to befriend it, or claim any affiliation to it, well, except for MCA. That says a lot.

Contrary to popular opinion, money can`t always buy you friends. And in this instance, money just bought you new enemies. –The Rocket


2 comments on “The Biggest Loser

  1. In my opinion, you are PROMOTING HATE
    Perkasa “intention” is good
    But because of politics, good intention is being manipulate to make it look bad
    Should they “STOP” trying?
    Because you are currently preventing them to even try…

    When “tolerance” is at the paper thin situation
    you don’t play with “fire” or be prepared to get burned..
    and when its burned, its to late to regret..

    because its human nature
    when human get provoked, they retaliate..
    when human have benefits and someone wanna snatch it,
    for all normal human being regardless of malays, indian or chinese..
    They will defend it..
    thats life

  2. This article instigate HATE
    As usual DAP talk about race again…

    whenever race issues is involved
    DAP is involved too
    even if its about fried chicken

    It show’s how pathetic people are
    you instigate an argument about fried chicken
    you provoke people to retaliate(the victim return to the scene again)
    instead of letting the matter rest( its just a small matter)
    they go to DAP
    get a lawyer
    appear on Malaysiakini to get sympathy to their side
    and talk about how civilized people should behave….

    that’s just pathetic!

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