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Let Mahathir live long and see Mahathirism’s demise

by Lim Kit Siang, DAP Parliamentary Leader and MP for Gelang Patah Mahathir wants me dead and that is …

Dissecting Mahathir’s grand design

by Liew Chin Tong  Not many of us remembered that Barisan Nasional survived and thrived electorally for an extended …

Undo disastrous PPSMI decision! Cabinet move totally irresponsible.

Six years ago, the Cabinet under Tun Dr. Mahathir took a hasty and ill-considered decision to rush headlong to …

Where has all the money gone?

Over the past 33 years, our cherished national petroleum company Petronas has contributed half a trillion ringgit (that’s RM500,000,000,000) to the Malaysian government and in the past nine years given RM15.2 billion to Terengganu.

How have these sums been spent?