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Strangling Control

The federal government’s(FG) extend of control in what would be local affairs in many countries’ structure of governance is pervasive. Here we highlight some of the more nonsensical examples.

Dysfunctional Transport system

  • Public bus arrangement such as routes, number of buses and frequency of bus travels in the states are decided by the FG
  • Taxi meters, fares and licenses distribution are also decided by the FG
  • Control paralysis – Finance ministry, transport ministry, Prime Minister Department are just 3 of many agencies involved in managing public transport.



Cumbersome Civil servant hiring

  • All high-level administrative officers in the state bureaucracy are subjected to vetting and hiring by the public service department, a federal agency
  • All local council heads are appointed by the FG, while local councils are under the state government
  • In November 2012, Selayang Municipal Council president was transferred from his position within one day after he revealed about the Batu Cave condominium scandal details
  • Perak state secretary, which takes order from the FG, was blocking the state assembly speaker V. Sivakumar’s every attempt to convene the state assembly in 2009

Shackling Land policies

  • As stated in 9th schedule of the federal constitution, land matters are the prerogative of the state government
  • In November 2008, the Perak PR state government announced it was giving freehold titles to all eligible Perak residents
  • Almost immediately the FG through the National Land Council made pronouncement to bar the Perak state government from doing so.

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