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Still The Top Draw

Despite much initial scare-mongering from BN that Selangor will stall economically under opposition control, the reverse has taken place. Selangor’s preeminent position as the top investment centre in the country remains intact and even enhanced.

During the four years period since PR took over, Selangor has topped the nation in several categories. Cumulatively over four years, the state scored the highest amount of manufacturing investments (RM 38 billion), number of industrial projects (1168 projects) and manufacturing jobs created (100348 jobs).

Pakatan’s efforts at creating a cleaner, more transparent and consultative government has clearly paid off.  One of the new initiatives taken by the state government to improve the investment process was to establish Industrial Park Management Committee (IPMC) and Industrial Park Management Group (IPMG) in all local councils and industrial zones.

According to Teresa Kok, state EXCO for investments, industrialisation and commerce, under the IPMC, the LCs will gather the local Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) representatives and the infrastructural providers (e.g. water, electricity, telecommunication etc) monthly to resolve the manufacturers’ grouses.

‘This has helped to address the investors’ concerns and create an investment-friendly climate in Selangor.’ Much of these changes were the fruit of consultation with the stakeholders, the manufacturing community.

Assuredly PR’s sterling performance in attracting and retaining investments speaks a clear message – we can do a better job.

Total Amount of Manufacturing Investment Approved

And Jobs Created by Top 8 State From 2008 to 2011

State 2008 2009 2010 2011  Investment Received
(RM Mil)
 Jobs Created 
Selangor  11,870.9  6,759.60  10,641.8  8,741.1  38,013.4  100,348
Sarawak  15,168.9  8,450.80  3,945.0  8,453.4  36,018.1  66,822
Penang  10,156.3  2,165.20  12,238.0  9,106.0  33,665.5  25,689
Johor  11,711.7  4,063.40  7,465.0  6,584.6         29,824.7           68,387
Kedah  2,567.3  1,496.00  1,960.6  6,136.0  12,159.9  20,464
Melaka  3,634.5  892.70  1,631.1  4,363.7  10,522.0  21,539
Sabah  964.4  5,664.30  1,325.6  921.4  8,875.7  10,882
Perak  3,130.0  893.90  3,039.7  984.9  8,048.5  17,597
Source : MIDA , SSIC

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