Six Malaysian policemen, six armed intruders killed in Semporna

LAHAD DATU, March 3: Another policeman was killed in the ambush by a group of armed intruders in Kampung Sri Jaya, Siminul, Semporna, Sabah yesterday, bringing the number of Malaysian policemen killed in the incident to six.

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Ismail Omar said six armed intruders were also killed in the exchange of fire that ensued in the 8pm incident in the water village.

In the rescue operation launched today and which ended at 7pm, police also managed to bring out 19 of their men to safety from the village.

At a press conference at 9pm held at Felda Sahabat, Kampung Tanduo, here, Ismail also said that the bodies of the six policemen killed had been taken to Semporna Hospital.

“Their identities will be revealed to their respective families before being posted on the official website of the Royal Malaysian Police,” he said.

At an earlier press conference today, Ismail announced that five policemen and two armed intruders were killed in the incident.

He had said that the five from the Semporna district police headquarters were tasked to carry out investigation in the village after police received information on the presence of a group of armed men in the village.

He said the policemen were shot at while approaching a house in the village and they fired back to defend themselves.

At tonight’s press conference, Ismail denied that policemen were held hostage in the incident and were decapitated by the intruders.

“This is just a rumour and I ask the public not to believe any rumour on the incident,” he said.

He added that the situation in the village had returned to normal. -Bernama

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