“Save Malaysia” coalition idea gaining support, says Lim Kit Siang

lim kit siang-WIRA2388 (126)Lim Kit Siang’s “Save Malaysia” government coalition idea has gained traction from certain leaders, according to him.

The idea that a new coalition government should be formed, to include leaders from both sides of the political divide, was proposed by Lim Kit Siang in the case that Prime Minister Najib Razak expresses his support for Hudud law in the country.

In a statement today, he said that the idea has drawn interest from MP’s from Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Rakyat, former Ministers, and public intellectuals.

“For instance, this is one of the messages of support and encouragement which I have received for the idea of a new coalition government post-BN and post PR: I read your five fundamental principles for a new government. I fully support them. You might also need an agenda to address inequalities and opportunities for all. All the best.”

Saying that he fully agreed with the comment by the unnamed leader, Lim said this would be a path breaking initiative if Najib deviates from the stand of the first five Prime Ministers with regards to Hudud.

“The ball as to whether Malaysians should seriously explore the idea of a new coalition government post-BN and post-PR with a new Prime Minister to “Save Malaysia is now in Najib’s court,” Lim said.

One of the criteria he said must be fulfilled by the new government should be that it is inclusive to all Malaysian races, religions, and regions.

Secondly, he added, it “must issue a visionary forward looking programme to restore Malaysia’s greatness” and allow Malaysia to punch above its weight in many areas of human endeavor, whether political, economic, social, educational, information technology or environmental.”

He said that a 10-Point Programme for a high-performance, sustainable and equitable economy must be incorporated as follows:

(i) Workforce that is knowledge-based, competent and high-skilled.

(ii) Economy free from corruption, abuse of power and cronyism in order to enhance efficiency, accountability, transparency and good governance.

(iii) Decentralisation and the Empowerment of State Economic Management in keeping with the spirit of federalism and efficient expenditure to boost efficiency and productivity.

(iv) Affirmative action policies based on need.

(v) Just treatment for Workers to ensure their welfare and prosperity, including minimum wage for all Malaysian workers.

(vi) Social safety net to ensure life with dignity at all times for Malaysians, strengthen the Employees Fund system, introduce a pension scheme for private sector employees and a National Retrenchment Fund to provide temporary financial support for those who have lost their jobs.

(vii) Increase the number of affordable housing and achieve the goal of “One Family, One House”.

(viii) Guarantee good public infrastructure and facilities without burdening the people or profit certain cronies, like clean water and electricity at reasonable rates; review of all highway toll agreements to improve to improve efficiency and reduce cost of public transport system.

(ix) Protect environment and promote the practice of recycling, control deforestation and ensure smooth transition to the use of alternative energy resources.

(x) Sustainable growth and green development by introducing modern, comprehensive and appropriate infrastructure for a low-carbon economy.

Previously, Lim had outlined 5 fundamental principles for the new coalition, which includes defending the federal constitution, defending the institution of the constitutional monarchy, upholding the use of Bahasa Malaysia in accordance to the constitution, the abolition or amendment of all oppressive laws, and the guarantee of the spirit of federalism between the federation and all its states (including a review of the 1963 Malaysia Agreement pertaining to Sabah and Sarawak).

However, he had clarified that the idea of a new coalition is not a DAP stand, but his own.

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