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Saifuddin Abdullah should resign if he cannot answer a simple parliamentary question.

I refer to my parliamentary question on 3 August 2020 (No. 34) to the Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Saifuddin Abdullah.

In the question, I have asked the Minister to explain what was his justification and criteria in awarding the 5G spectrum to five companies on 15 May 2020. I also sought his explanation on why the order was abruptly withdrawn on 3 June 2020.

The reply that I received was embarrassing and appalling. It contained irrelevant details and explanations about 5G but nothing about the question I have asked.

What’s the point of being a member of parliament if you don’t participate and answer questions effectively?

Saifuddin Abdullah must have remembered the order he made on the 5G spectrum distribution on 15 May 2020. There must be a reason and basis for his ministerial decision. What is so difficult for him to disclose his reasoning?

I raised the question because 5G will be a critical aspect of development for Malaysia in the coming decade. It will impact our economic growth as the world embraces the age of digitalisation and data.

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Saifuddin Abdullah’s decision to discreetly award the 5G spectrum and then to abruptly cancel the award has caused confusion to stakeholders. How can the private sector have confidence to invest when such shenanigans could happen without any explanation?

Is Saifuddin Abdullah evading the question or did he not understand the question put forth?

In any case he should resign if he cannot or refuse to answer the answer. Not only is this contemptuous towards our parliament, it does not give confidence to the people and investors.

Khoo Poay Tiong

MP Kota Melaka

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