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Sabahans chose Warisan for Bugaya, respect their mandate

Press Statement
18th November 2020

DAP extends our condolences to Parti Warisan Sabah and the family of Manis Muka Mohd Darah, the Parti Warisan Sabah Assemblyperson from Bugaya who passed away from kidney complications. The late Manis was a popular politician having retained her seat with an overwhelming 6,005 vote majority in the recent Sabah general elections.

Manis’ passing requires another by-election within 60 days, which could pose risks to public health and safety when Sabah is in the midst of a record surge in COVID-19 infections. To counter the severe 3rd wave of COVID-19 infections, all parties should give a walkover to Warisan in the by-election.

The new Sabah Chief Minister Hajiji Noor should respect the mandate of the voters in Bugaya in the recent state general elections, and put public health and safety over electioneering in the coming by-election. As a COVID-19 positive patient himself, Hajiji clearly knows the danger posed by COVID-19 infections following the Sabah state general election.

The people of Sabah should not be exposed to another election campaign after they were forced to go to the polls following a dishonest attempt to force a change of government in Sabah through money politics and attempted buying of assemblymen. Putting the rakyat first over politics will be a good start for the new Chief Minister, who just recovered from COVID-19.

Allowing Warisan to win Bugaya uncontested would prove to the rakyat that Hajiji is committed to battling and overcoming the COVID-19 threat together with all parties.

Lim Guan Eng
DAP Secretary-General

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