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DAP Sabah calls upon state government to empower women in all sectors

Sabah DAP Wanita Chief and ADUN for Kapayan, Jannie Lasimbang urges the Sabah state government to involve and empower women in all sectors, including in decision-making and policymaking.

Jannie said that the state government must make genuine effort to hit the target of appointing 30% women at the various levels and sectors of government.

She emphasised that women’s participation in policymaking and decision-making matters as they can drive the development and advancement of a country.

“Even so, Sabah is yet to achieve this national and international target.”

Therefore, the Sabah government can take the first step by appointing capable women as customary leaders, JPKK, Chinese Community Leaders, and JKDB to fulfil this quota.

Further, Jannie also revealed that in the written answer to her question addressed to the Sabah Chief Minister – only one woman, Datuk Amisah Yassin, had been appointed into the Sabah State Assembly.

This decision has disappointed many women organisations and activists who have been appealing to the Chief Minister to appoint at least two women ADUNs, since only 9.5% of elected ADUNs in Sabah are women.

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