RM3 million likely lost from double-claims from BR1M

The irresponsible double-claiming of Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) vouchers led to losses of some RM3 million for the government, the Auditor General’s (AG) Report has found.

BR1M recipients show their vouchers (Pic from Free Malaysia Today)

BR1M recipients show their vouchers (Pic from Free Malaysia Today)

In the first of the series of AG Reports for 2014 released today, the report revealed that weaknesses of the cash handout system allowed some recipients to cash out their vouchers more than once.

“The report found several matters that require attention, among them that recipients encashed more than once of BR1M’s vouchers involving a total of 2,188 recipients for BR1M 2012 amounting to RM1.11 million; 2,490 recipients for BR1M 2013 amounting to RM1.14 million and 1,899 recipients for the first phase of BR1M 2014 amounting to RM1.09 million,” the report stated.

Of that amount, only about 20% of those who cashed in their vouchers more than once have paid back the amount they over-claimed.

The audit also found some minor non-conformity in the internal controls of the distribution process in certain states, namely Selangor, Johor and Sabah.

It further recommended that the BR1M programme be improved by consistently upgrading its standard operating procedures as well as to replace a voucher system with approval letters for recipients to prevent them from cashing out their vouchers more than once.

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