Real men dont beat women

by Lim Guan Eng

DAP condemns in the strongest possible terms the outrageous act by pro-UMNO groups at Kuala Lumpur yesterday in encouraging criminal acts of violence against a woman by offering to give RM 1,200 to any person who can film DAP National Vice-Chair and MP for Seputih Teresa Kok being slapped and also urging that non-Malays not fluent in Malay be expelled from the country.

These pro-UMNO groups dare to provoke criminal wrongdoings because the practice of double-standards and politicisation of police and prosecution powers have allowed these pro-UMNO groups to escape unpunished whilst the opposition are victimised for offences they did not commit.

DAP is concerned for Teresa’s safety and will make necessary arrangements with her consent to ensure maximum protection from her. However no protection is full-proof when dealing with racists and fanatics who will do anything for monetary gain.

These pro-UMNO groups had slaughtered four chickens and smeared the blood on a banner with the faces of DAP leaders Lim Kit Siang, Teresa Kok and myself as well as PKR state assemblyman Lee Khai Loon. Whilst such acts and burning of PR’s leaders’ effigies and portraits are common, these pro-UMNO groups have taken an unprecedented step towards violence and hatred by offering a reward of RM1,200 to anyone who can slap Teresa Kok and film the act to claim the reward.

Clearly these UMNO supporters are intent on inciting hatred and raising racial tensions to cover up BN’s widespread corruption, failure in economic management and price hikes in sugar, petrol, TNB power tariffs and even insurance premium rates. The proposed highway road toll hikes would have been imposed this year but has been deferred next year to please voters for the Kajang by-election on March 23.

The inaction by the police have caused these pro-UMNO groups of men to be a disgrace and an international shame not only to Islam but also to all Malays, all men and our beloved country Malaysia. No religion nor any race nor real men would approve the beating up of a woman.

As a Malaysian I detest such deplorable acts by UMNO supporters, which only reinforces my commitment and conviction that UMNO and BN must be replaced at the next general elections. However as a man, I feel ashamed that another man can proudly and shamelessly call for a woman to be slapped and be rewarded for it.

Real men do not beat women and violence should be taken out of public discourse and the political arena. Failing which, democracy fails and Malaysia would spiral downwards towards a dictatorship and an uncivilised society.

To demonstrate DAP’s utter contempt towards this outrageous act by UMNO supporters, DAP elected representatives will be making police-reports nation-wide. Whilst DAP does not expect any action by the police, DAP wants to raise public alarm to both condemn the escalation of racial tensions by UMNO supporters and protect Teresa Kok from being a victim of any possible assault.

The police have to be fully responsible for their failure to either prevent any heightened racial tensions or violence or for failing to ensure the personal and physical safety of Teresa Kok.

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