Ready for Putrajaya – Zuraidah

by Syukri Shairi

Delegates vote during the 16th DAP Party Congress in Penang, on 16th December 2012

PENANG, 15 December – Commenting on the positive vibe at the DAP convention today, PKR Wanita Chief Zuraidah Kamaruddin said, “I see the mood is very good, Insya Allah [God willing] with all these settings we can capture Putrajaya.”

Zuraidah said the level of coorperation between Pakatan Rakyat parties is now ‘consolidated’ at this point, as the parties in the coalition are achieving more understanding with each other.

“We are becoming more prepared, more mature, more united, more understanding,” she said.

Attending DAP’s 16th Congress as one of Pakatan Rakyat representatives from PKR, Zuraidah, who is also Member of Parliament for Ampang, witnessed with the rest of the Congress the pre-launching of a video named ‘Ubah Rocket Style’ – a parody take on the global viral music video ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’ – aimed to spread DAP’s message of change ahead of Malaysia’s much-anticipated 13th General Election.

Zuraidah also mentioned that parties in Pakatan Rakyat coalities are becoming ‘complimentary’ to each other, lauding the increasing interactive efforts by the respective component parties as appealing to the people.

“People from all levels now can relate to us,” she stressed.

On whether why should the people vote Pakatan Rakyat parties in the general election, Zuraidah reasoned adamantly that Malaysians “want change.”

“We want the country to be changed for the better. We have seen all the exposures; we have seen Barisan’s Nasional’s ineffectiveness as compared to Pakatan Rakyat’s effectiveness to govern,” Zuraidah added.

“The rakyat should be given a chance for a new government, for them to differentiate Pakatan Rakyat’s administration with that of Barisan Nasional’s. This is their chance.” – The Rocket

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