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Rain or shine, DAP always puts the people first

During Sarawak’s recent state elections, many Opposition parties contested and went all out to campaign and promote themselves. However, once elections ended, these Opposition candidates suddenly “vanished” and are nowhere to be seen.

On the other hand, DAP strongly believes in serving the people consistently. Regardless of what the election results were, this principle stands firm. Therefore, despite the setbacks faced, the DAP team still keeps their morale high and have continued serving Sarawakians since.

Last Sunday, the DAP Stampin service team ran its mobile service at Taman Genesis, Batu Kawa. Batu Kawah candidate and MP for Kuching Kelvin Yii came along to help out as well.

Majority of the public who came needed help with updating and submitting their applications for the Bantuan Keluarga Malaysia (BKM) programme. They are hard-pressed for assistance especially because of high inflation rates under the GPS and PN governments.  

Others who came sought legal advice from Chong Chieng Jen, MP for Stampin.

Rain or shine, election or no election, DAP always puts the people’s welfare first.

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